Garages: Main Types of Doors You Can Choose

12 December 2016
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In years past, homeowners viewed garage doors as simply functional. However, with modern home designs, you garage doors not only function as an entryway into your home, but they also enhance the kerb appeal of the home. As such, you need to ensure that you opt for aesthetically appealing and secure garage doors. Below are two types of doors you can choose for your garage and information about their features, advantages, and disadvantages.

Swinging carriage garage doors

These types of garage doors are also referred to as swing style garage doors. They operate quite similarly to traditional French doors as their door jambs are supported on various hinges. Generally, swinging carriage garage doors tend to be made from timber or composite wood materials, making them a great option aesthetically for homeowners looking to add a rustic and classic appeal to their home. These types of garage doors are also quite popular because they enhance the energy efficiency of the home. They are capable of doing this because they do not have numerous seams. Moreover, they have a tight seal on both the jambs as well as the header of the doors.

It should be noted, though, that, since these doors swing out, you would have to ensure you have adequate clearance space on your premises. As such, they may not be ideal for homeowners whose garage is located directly next to the street. In addition to this, since they are made from timber, you would have to engage in regular maintenance such as sealing the doors to protect them from moisture damage.

Tilt up garage doors

As the name suggest, these types of garage doors will tilt up when they are opened. This is because they operate using a mechanism that comprises pivoting hinges. Tilt up garage doors are a popular option for residences as they come in a multitude of style options. For instance, you can opt to get a tilt up garage door that comes with a canopy style. This will have a portion of the garage doors protruding beyond the garage to create additional shade.

Tilt up garage doors come in a wide assortment of materials. Some of the more popular materials used to manufacture these doors include steel, fibreglass and aluminum. However, you may also have them made from wood if you would prefer timber.

For more information about these and other garage door types, talk to a contractor in your area.