What to Consider When Choosing Timber Windows, Doors and Shutters

15 December 2016
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Whether it's a log cabin or a house, deciding on the materials to use for the doors and windows is an exciting yet challenging task for first timers. Opting to use timber windows and sliding doors, for instance, on a building project, entails a lot of decision making on various factors such as the type of glazing to use, manufacturer, finishes and ironmongery to use. Below are some insightful tips on what to consider when selecting timber doors and windows.

Material. Irrespective of the type of property, timber windows are an excellent choice due to their beauty and durability, courtesy of modern preservation treatments. Whether it is a cottage, a townhouse or a contemporary new building, there are a variety of different types of timber to choose from so to get a material that meets the required needs. There are hardwood and softwood timber windows to choose from. Softwood windows are quite common as they are relatively cheaper than oak timber windows.

Style. The type of timber window, door or shutter selected often depends on the style of the home. For traditional homes, windows with bar details tend to compliment the general outlook of the property. For instance, homeowners can choose between cottage and Victorian bar styles. Other designs may include but are not limited to sliding sash and casements, all bar, horizontal bars, regency etc. However, modern built houses are best suited by contemporary styled windows such as sash windows and sliding doors.

Factory finished over DIY. When designing, constructing and painting the windows some homeowners opt to take the do it yourself road. However, DIY windows can be a labour intensive task with all the timber grazing and painting. An easier alternative is to go for factory finished timber windows and doors that come ready to get fitted into place. One of the primary benefits of using factory finished windows and doors is that they eliminate the need to hire someone to work on the windows. Additionally, factory made timber windows and doors come with added qualities such as hinged and complete paint works. Always look for a manufacturer who can provide a guarantee for fungal infections and rot of up to 30 years and 8-10 years on the paint job.

Get involved. If a contractor or builder gets hired to handle the construction of the house, he or she should follow the standards set by the home owner to the letter. Thus, the home owner should not allow the contractor to choose the type of timber windows or door without his or her consent. Such decisions should get discussed by both parties so as to come to an agreement on both the quality of timber to use as well as the price.