Interior Surface Renovation: Top Perks of Using Gypsum Plasterboard

27 February 2017
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Home renovation projects are always a big deal, as they involve making improvements or upgrades that will improve the look and/or function of living spaces. But with so many good building supplies currently being sold out there, it is easy to be spoilt for choice. If you want to insulate your home's interiors, you should consider using plasterboard. Gypsum plasterboard comes out on top as a material for insulating interior surfaces, such as ceilings and interior walls.

Read on to get acquainted with some top reasons why gypsum plasterboard is widely used for performing interior surface makeovers.

Quick installation

Even though they come in different sizes, gypsum plasterboards are generally lightweight building products. They are thus easy to set up, while still remaining durable. What is more, plasterboard both insulates and dries at the same time, resulting in even more time savings. Keeping in mind that renovations disrupt normal activities in the home, it is desirable to undertake projects that can be completed in the shortest possible time. That's exactly what you'll get by renovating your interior surfaces with gypsum plasterboard – fast project completion times.

Moisture resistance 

If drywall absorbs too much moisture, it will become mouldy, start to rot and call for early replacement. Manufacturers of gypsum plasterboard are all too aware of this problem. That's why they normally reinforce their products with water repellant additives to help minimise water and moisture absorption, which will cause the material to become damaged.

Fire resistance

Renovating interior surfaces with gypsum plasterboard that have fire-retardant additives is a great way to increase the fire rating of the home, especially for those living in areas where wildfires are common. 

Extensive selection of finishes

The surface of gypsum plasterboard is smooth and consistent, making it possible for installers to provide virtually any finish the homeowner wants. Gypsum plasterboards can be painted, rendered, covered with wallpaper, wainscoted, etc. As a result, you can give your interior surface just about any finish you like, depending on the desired effects. As gypsum plasterboards are quite robust, they can be refinished over and over again in the future.


For those who live in noisy environments, such as near busy streets, minimising noise levels can be a top priority. Covering ceilings and interior walls with gypsum plasterboard is a great way to effectively help prevent the transmission of unwanted noise into the home, thanks to the material's excellent soundproofing qualities.

Talk to a gypsum plasterboard supplier local to you when you are ready to use gypsum plasterboard for your interior surface renovation.