3 Contemporary Balustrade Ideas Which Will Transform Your Dated Internal Staircase

29 June 2017
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Balustrades on internal stairs play a vital part in creating a safe and secure environment. They also play a big role in the aesthetics of your home, and dated and older style balustrades can be a detrimental feature. Updating your balustrades is a simple and inexpensive way to transform your staircase into a striking and modern space. Here are three contemporary ideas for balustrades that you might like to try in your home.

1. Glass balustrades 

Glass balustrades are a stylish, streamlined and highly modern way to update your staircase. They provide unobstructed views through the home and allow any available light to flow freely. They're particularly great to use on darker staircases that have limited natural light.

Glass balustrades are safe and strong, using toughened glass with a shatter-proof membrane. You can opt for glass panels that have a supportive frame or panels without frames to really create an unrestricted outlook.

2. Wire balustrades

More commonly used for outdoor stairs, decks and balconies, wire balustrades have become an increasingly popular option for internal staircase use. They provide a clean, no-fuss look that's popular in pared back, minimalist home design.

Wire balustrades can be installed both horizontally or vertically depending on your preference. They're attached to the stair posts and top rail by specialised fixings which keep the wire taut enough to provide a strong barrier for the staircase.

3. Stainless steel balustrades

Stainless steel balustrades are another contemporary style that can give an old staircase a new, modern look. This style of balustrade looks sleek, urban and striking and also provides a strong and low maintenance finish. You can opt for both round or square stainless steel balustrades in a range of thicknesses and levels of shine.

For a more industrial look, pair your stainless steel balustrades with matching stainless steel posts and top rails. To soften it, opt for timber posts and top rails for a contrasting but complementary look. The timber can be left in an untreated state or painted to add colour and impact to your staircase.

Whatever contemporary style you decide on for your new balustrades, ensure that you have them installed by an experienced contractor. They will ensure that the balustrades are installed safely, securely and with the right spacing between balustrades to prevent falls. They will also make sure that the balustrades meet any relevant government regulations regarding the installation of this essential safety feature.