Ways to Create a Sense of Spaciousness in Your New Kitchen

29 April 2021
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You might want to remodel your kitchen to improve its layout and aesthetics. Small kitchens, however, can pose a design challenge. Consider the following ways to create a sense of spaciousness regardless of room dimensions.

Glass Cabinet Doors

Solid cabinet doors effectively bring the wall closer as the cupboard space inside is concealed from view. Of course, you need ample storage area. One way to make your cupboards feel less oppressive, particularly the overhead ones, is to install glass doors. They'll extend sight to the wall behind and make the kitchen feel larger.

Additionally, the glass will reflect light, making the room more bright and airy. You don't need to use this treatment for every cupboard. For example, choose every second door or selected central upper cabinets.

Glass cabinetry is a compromise between solid doors and open shelves. The problem with open shelving is that it can increase visual clutter, whereas glass cabinets push back the wall line in a contained fashion.

Artificial Lighting

A dim room can feel smaller as shadowy areas are more prevalent. To avoid this scenario, focus on lighting when designing your new kitchen. You could spread several recessed lights evenly across the ceiling to eliminate dark spots. Recessed lights don't protrude into limited space. Additionally, under cabinetry lights illuminate the benchtop area and prevent it from being overshadowed. For a touch of decoration, install a pendant light over a kitchen island or dining table.

Natural Daylight

As well as thinking about artificial means to increase light flow, consider how to increase what is free outside. Install sleek window coverings, such as roller blinds, that don't block the daylight. You could allow more light in through a skylight. An overhead opening brings in direct light rays from the sky. In contrast, vertical windows accept redirected light from the ground or nearby buildings, so they don't have as much impact. Another option is to take out an opaque back door and replace it with glass sliding doors or french doors.

Glass Splashback

A small kitchen will lack wall area, so make sure you decorate the splashback area to appear more expansive. You could install a uniformly coloured glass splashback that will generate spaciousness, as it's not covered in crisscrossing join lines or patterns. Plus, its shiny surface will reflect light. With custom kitchens, you can plan the design to focus on your layout. Select a pale, cool hue also, such as mint or beige. Dark and warm colours visually draw the wall closer rather than making it recede. 

For more information, contact a custom kitchen contractor.